Photo Restoration

photo restoration

Each photo restoration is different – maybe the restoration needs to address minor issues, or maybe correction of moderate or more severe damage is required. Each job is quoted individually and depends on different factors such as the size of the photo, its complexity, and the amount of repair needed. The prices below are a guideline to give you a rough idea. Message us on Facebook phone/text  07922 001425 for a quote or Email ( ) for more information.

Minor £5 to £15

Sharpening, minor amounts of dust & scratch removal, cropping.

Minor+ £15 to £25

‘Minor’ but also including minor discolouration, small missing or damaged areas, minor creases and other blemishes.

Moderate £25 to £40

Moderate amounts of discolouration, missing or damaged areas, scratching, creasing, tears or fading. Moderate amount of facial repair, object removal.

Severe £40+

All of the above on a larger scale.


  • B/W photos can be colourised after the restoration, prices from £20.
  • Price includes a digital version of your restored photo and a same-size copy (up to 21 x 29.7 cm).
  • Copies can be framed for an extra £7 to £15 (up to 21 x 29.7).